Stay In The Know @ the Dayton Chess Club

The Dayton Chess Club, 18 W. 5th Street
is located in beautiful Downtown Dayton
…just a few doors
down from Spaghetti Warehouse…
Parking is free after 6pm!!
and yes, there’s plenty of street parking….

Scroll down to see our hours of operation & membership fees….


New management of the Dayton Chess Club
effective no later than 15 June:
President – Michael Osborne
Secretary – Christian Bechtold
Treasurer – Jordan Henderson
Member at Large – David Guehl
Scholastics – TBD
There will NOT be a G/24 (quick tournament) on Friday, 1 June due to the Gem City Open.


The club is closed on Wednesday evenings until new management decides otherwise.
Yes, we are open on Thursday and Friday evenings.  



60th Gem City Open
June 1-3 or 2-3

5SS, 40/90, SD/60 +10. (2 day schedule R1 G/75 +5).
2 Sections OPEN, U1800.
OPEN USCF/FIDE rated. EF: $99 until May 30 midnight online then $110.
DCC members $5 off.
REG:  Online until 30 May or on site Fri 5-6:30 p.m. or Sat 8:30-9:30 am.
Prizes (b/85): OPEN 1st $1000, 2nd $800, 3rd $500 u2000 $400;
U1800 1st $800, 2nd $500,
U1600 $400.
Rds 3 day: 7pm Fri, 2pm & 7:30pm Sat; 10am & 4pm Sun.
2 day: 10am Sat, then joins 3 day.
Any player who loses Fri may re-enter for $45. BYES: One 1/2 point bye through R4 (request prior to R1).
Unrated players limited to 1/3 prizes in u1800 and in u2000 in OPEN.
TBD, check DCC website for updates.
Email for more information.

60th GCO Flyer & a bit extra!



If interested to see results of ANY Dayton Chess Club Tournaments,

click on the “Who Beat Who” tab…



Thursdays evening: 6:30pm-9:30pm
This is our “Scholastic Knights” evening, geared towards K-12 students – learn to play, learn simple tactics.  And yes, even adults are welcome! Special evening rate for all:  $4.00.   Every first Thursday of the month – no lecture. Instead, there will be a G/15 – unrated –  4 rounds.

Friday evenings 6:30pm-12:30am
Every Friday evening (with a few exceptions for when we have weekend tournaments with the first round on Friday evening), there’s a quick USCF rated tournament ($10 for DCC members /$15  for non DCC members)  and there are usually a few players who opt to play casual chess.  Friday nights are our busiest evenings…so do drop for a quick game – or play in the tournament – or spend the entire evening playing chess.


EVENINGS:  $4 K-12 & Seniors.  $5 Adults (with exception of Thursdays:  all $4)
MONTH:  $12 K-12 & Seniors.  $16 Adults
6 MONTHS:  $55 K-12 & Seniors.  $60 Adults
1 YEAR:  $80 K-12 & Seniors.   $100 Adults