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Dayton Chess Club:  Located at 18 W. 5th Street
in beautiful Downtown Dayton
…just a few doors down from Spaghetti Warehouse
….where parking is free after 6pm….and there’s plenty of street parking….
Regular hours of operation – scroll down & check us out…..


Check out Dayton Chess Club’s latest calendar:

Dayton Chess Club 2015-2016 Calendar


Nov. 7   “Early Thanksgiving (19 Days)” Pawn Storm XXXII
4SS, G/60 d10, at Dayton Chess Club, 18 W. Fifth St., Dayton, OH 45402. EF: $33 to 30 Oct then $43. EF $25 to 2200 or higher. GTD Prizes: Open $300-200, U1900 $160-$50, U1600 $160-50. Reg.: 9:30-10:15. Rds.: 10:30-1:30-4:30-7:00. OGPx Event-OCA mbrs $3 disc. DCC mbrs $3 disc. Mail EF to: Dayton Chess Club, 18 W. 5th St., Dayton, OH 45402 or register online today!  (Registration tab at top of page – no PayPal account is necessary!).  No checks at site. 



(date not yet determined)


Final standings of the Masters RR & Futurity A&B

Masters&A&B finalstandings

  Yes, the results of MOTCF 2015.  Why the longer-than-usual delay?  Simply LIFE.  Riley’s mom’s health is not quite up to par – and in short, that means frequent trips up to Wellington (near Cleveland).    Family always comes first.

MOTCF Team Results – 2015

Not the Usual Suspects – MOTCF 2015


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Fees are listed under “About”..
along with hours of operation.
Please note new addition for Wednesday evenings:
if no one shows up by 7:30pm, the club will close for the evening so as to conserve utilities.


Current DCC membership list is available – please find it under “ABOUT” tab.

Every Friday evening @ the Dayton Chess Club (there are a few exceptions to this when superseded by special events) – G/24, USCF Rated.  4 rounds.  1st round starts promptly at 7:30pm. Subsequent rounds:  8:30, 9:30, 10:30.  REGISTRATION ENDS AT 7:25PM.  Any late entries will receive a half point bye or perhaps will be paired against another late entry.  $14 for non DCC members; $10 for DCC members.


 Until such time we provide a separate area for chess links, we will list them here.  If you would like to have your chess club/organization/chess-related personal site, send us an email!

Chess Master Carl Boor……

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Wednesday evening: 6:30pm-9:30pm
Instructional Wednesdays!   7pm:  lecture followed by an evening of casual play.  Please note that if no one shows up by 7:30pm, we close the club!

Thursdays evening: 6:30pm-9:30pm
This is our “Scholastic Knights” evening, geared towards K-12 students – learn to play, learn simple tactics.  And yes, even adults are welcome!    Special evening rate for all:  $4.00.   Ms Kay Stanley runs the Scholastic Knights program – and has some outstanding help. Every first Thursday of the month – no lecture. Instead, there will be a G/15 unrated 4 rounds.

Friday evenings 6:30pm-12:30am
Every Friday evening (with a few exceptions for when we have weekend tournaments with the first round on Friday evening), there’s a quick USCF rated tournament ($10 for DCC members / $14 for non DCC members)  and there are usually a few players who opt to play casual chess.  Friday nights are our busiest evenings…so do drop for a quick game – or play in the tournament – or spend the entire evening playing chess.