Board of Directors

Meet the current Dayton Chess Club Board of Directors:

DCC President

Shawn Irish
Phone: 937.241.2005

DCC Vice President

DCC Website

Sharon Driver
Phone: 937.461-6283 (please leave a message)

Scholastic Vice President

Loren Rodgers
Email: n/a
Phone: 937.853.6786

Advertising Vice President

David Guehl
Phone: 937.478.5389

Community Outreach Vice President

Christopher Wettle
Phone: 937.401.3347

Local Businesses Outreach Vice President

William Franklin
Phone: 440.371.3182

Tournament & Calendar Vice President

Riley Driver
Phone: 937.626.6744


Dayton Chess Club
18 West 5th Street – Dayton Ohio
Phone: 937461.6281

DCC Owners   

Sharon & Riley Driver
Info: see above


If interested in helping Dayton Chess Club remain a great place to play chess & meet new folks, consider volunteering to be part of the Board of Directors.  Every board of directors may be reached via email to the DCC at for questions, ideas, or concerns.