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French Defense / Tarrasch Variation

French Defense / Tarrasch Variation Game reviewed at the Dayton Chess Club on April 10th, 2013.  G/15, names removed.  Game commentary and analysis by:  M. Kellie 1.  e4      e6  …signals a “French” defense 2.  d4      d5 3.  Nd2    …one of the main ‘branches’ for the white player against the French defense, known as the […]

Grape System Expolored

Lecture on 10 April 2013 …. “Grape System” Explored   Game/system taught at the Dayton Chess Club on April 10th, 2013.  G/15, names removed.  Game commentary and analysis by:  M. Kellie and William Sedlar 1.  d3      Is this a playable first move?  Or is it “dubious”?  !?  Answer, the move has pros and cons as […]

65th Ohio Chess Congress Report

Kristopher Meekins New Ohio Chess Champion 65th Ohio Chess Congress Report     OPEN SECTION After 6 rounds of hard fought chess, National Experts (NE) Kristopher Meekins and Matthew Marsh (from Tennessee) were tied for first place in the 65th Ohio Chess Congress.  NE Meekins, an Ohio resident, is our new state Chess Champion.  Congratulations […]

Best Week In Chess

As it gets closer to Christmas and the roads turn icy another week passes full of Chess and you know we scowl the internet for the top headlines and feature them here for you. I know I hope you enjoy them. Before jumping into the top stories from around the world don’t forget that tonight […]

Best Week In Chess

Another week has past – can you believe it?! A lot has happened this week so I’m not even going to bore you with the small talk. Let’s jump straight into it, shall we? Chess helps young players develop thinking and social skills As If we didn’t already know this, right? Well check out the […]

Best Week In Chess

Another week has past so you know what time it is: BEST WEEK IN CHESS! That’s right I track down to see what has happened in the chess world and bring it to you. I know you have work to do and need to spend time with your family so I sum up the week […]

Bob Wade Chess Legend Passes

ChessBase is reporting that the chess legend has past away on November 29th: Robert Graham Wade, player, writer, arbiter, coach and chess promoter, was born in New Zealand, where he won the national championship three times. After moving to England he won the British Championship twice and played for England in six Olympiads. He beat […]

Best Week In Chess

A little late but due to the holiday I was forced away from the computer to spend some quality time with the family. Nonetheless, I’ve been seeing the chess happenings around the globe via smartphone (ssssh…don’t tell my wife) so better late than never, right? Let’s start it off: Area students compete in chess tournament […]

Early Turkey Open Open Fun Stuff

If you didn’t know this morning kicked off the Early Turkey Open Open with a wide range of players it looks like there are going to be some interesting games. In between rounds the players were eager to see the scarlet and gray beat up on the wolverines. While the tournament is still rolling along […]