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Dog Days Pawn Storm – Advance Registrations

As the registrations come in…..   KEITH BRACKENRIDGE (1432)  U1600 JAMES BUCKLEY (1356)  U1600 ELTON CAO (2104) OPEN WILLIAM FRANKLIN (1580)  U1900 NIMAI GHARAT  (281)  U1000 JOSHUA HAN (UNR.) U1600  BYE RD 4 ERIC NIELSON (1309) U1600 JUSTIN STORN (2087)  OPEN LESTER VAN METER (2200)  OPEN MATT WANG (1288)  U1600 BEN WETTLE (1590)  U1900   […]

2017 Gem City Open Advance Registrations

Remember:  2 sections only – OPEN or U1800 but with class prizes within each section.  Pre-registered below may not reflect late Thursday evening registrations or registrations not reflected in  DCC’s paypal account.    Ratings shown is the most current published rating. 3 DAY Vladimir Belous (2689) OPEN Roger Blaine (1645)  U1800 G. Thomas Bloom (1163)  […]

Advance Registrations – Don’t Forget Mother’s Day Pawn Storm 13 May 2017

Kiran Boyinepally (1816). U1900  BYE RD 4 James Buckley (1294)  U1900 Elton Cao (2070)  OPEN Quentin Docter (U1900) Carl Fischer (Unr) U1600 William Franklin (1470) U1900 David Friedman (2020) OPEN Lee Koppe (1457)  U1600 James Mills (2200)  OPEN Lewis Sanders (2086) OPEN Evan Shelton (1551) U1600 Yogeshwar Sridharan (1572)  OPEN Dan Sullivan (1037)  U1600  BYE […]


As the teams come in….. Note:  if you registered online and you do not see your team listed below – please check to ensure you completed the payment via PayPal.   TEAM:  PETER, PAUL AND FAERYS John Hayes (2084) James Weitthoff (1992) Paul Miller (1806) Peter Galupo (1576) Alt:  Andrew Fisher (unrated) TEAM:  CCL-A Emma […]

Freezing Weather Pawn Storm – Advance Registrations

As they come in…..   Kiran Boyinepally (1708)  U1900 Ron Burnett (2418)  OPEN Elton Cao (2019)  OPEN Jeff Davis (1735)  U1900  BYE RD 4 William Franklin (1604)  U1900 David Friedman (2077)  OPEN David Guehl (1720)  U1900 Drew Hollinberger (2007)  OPEN Lee Koppe (1493)  U1600 Loren Rodgers (1717)  U1900 Lewis Sanders (1927)  OPEN Will Sedlar (2302)  […]

Holiday Blues Pawn Storm (7 January 2017) – Advance Registrations

As the registrations come in…. Carl Boor (2383)  OPEN Keith Brackenridge (1397) U1600 James Buckley (1279)  U1600 Elton Cao (1920)  OPEN Iroquois Chamberlain (Unrated)  U1600 Jeff Davis (1770)  U1900  BYE ROUND 4 Abinav Dinesh (1450)  U1900 William Franklin (1636)  U1900 David Friedman (2065)  OPEN Anthony Garber (1323)  U1900 Eric Gittrich (1540)  U1900 David Guehl (1741)  […]