Chess & Boxing?

Peanut butter and jelly. Cereal and milk. Bacon and eggs. Combinations in life that will be forever good together. Yet, how can chess match-up with a boxing match… If there is a way,  people will find it and looks like someone has.

Chess and boxing? It doesn’t surprise me. I’ve heard stories of pieces swept off the board by an irate chess player who obviously blundered & lost the game. I’ve heard tales of chess players who backed up quickly, knocked over their chair and stormed out when their opponent victoriously shouted CHECKMATE (personally, I think that’s rather rude…a quite “checkmate” would suffice). One particular story I found rather disturbing was a player who would after capturing a piece would use that piece to bang it on the chess clock to signify his move was completed. That in itself isn’t bad – but it wasn’t his chess clock to abuse.

So, now we have a chess match coupled with a boxing match.

What next….field archery tournaments coupled with a chess game? I can see it now…one must shoot a maximum of four arrows at their opponents head where their captured piece quietly stands….If they manage to knock the captured piece off (taking none of their opponent’s head with the piece), the piece is captured for good.

Chess Queen is not amused.

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